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« ... a sprightly, humorous and invigorating album of tunes from the richly-textured tradition tant celtique que québécoise ... »

 Kevin Bourke, Songlines magazine - mars 2023


"An exeptional sound quality that highlights the talent and originality of the musicians very well."

Olivier Soucy, Les Chauffeurs à Pied

"Follow this groupe! It's really excellent!"

Dominic Béland, L'Affaire est dans l'trad, CIBL 101.5

"Well recorded, the arrangements are super rich and the tunes are good! Bravo!"

P-O Boudreault, Jams Trad de la Mauricie. 


United by a passion for traditional music from Quebec and the countries that forged it, François Matte (irish flute, tin whistle, voice, bodhran) and Jean-Sébastien Gasnier (guitar, mandola, voice, podo) formed Écorce in the spring of 2017 as part of a participation in the Festival celtique de Québec of the same year. On the strength of this successful experience, the two companions then undertake to continue in this vein with a series of shows for various festivals and festive events in province of Quebec in Canada.


Drawing on twenty years of experience on the music scene, the two acolytes harmonize voices and instruments brilliantly from the outset in a repertoire of original songs and adaptations of great unknown gems. Combining experienced musicians and well-off communicators, Écorce has also been offering since 2018 workshops for the general public on traditional music, including one on jigging (mouth music).


The year 2021 marks a new lease of life for the project with the release of their 1st album Cordé Serré in which the two multi-instrumentalists deploy a fine range of virtuosity and rich arrangements, in addition to joining forces with some well-known guests from the traditional music industry: Rachel Aucoin, Gabrielle Bouthillier and Louis-Simon Lemieux. Enjoying a positive reception of the latter and heard via several radio stations, Écorce is proud to promote this living heritage that is the traditional music of Quebec.


Culture Mauricie - Bourse Coup de pouce, winners 2021


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